13 Things You can Wear During Vacation

11. Leather jacket

I have never heard of anyone who never looked great in a leather jacket. Looking ugly in a leather jacket is next to impossibility. In other words, cute guy, you must have what it takes to be on a vacation. A leather jacket is a must have especially if the weather is cold. Incredibly, pilots were the first to wear leather jackets back in 20th century and from the look of things this attire came to stay. Am not implying that it is an old fashion, absolutely no! The point is, the modern leather jacket will bold your cute appearance. Ladies won’t help admiring the man you are.

Women Leather Jacket
This Photo at the courtesy of Nordstrom

12. Oversized overcoat

Women Over Coat Attire
This Photo at the courtesy of Lyst

To stand out among people, you must go an extra mile and move from the ordinary attires. An oversized overcoat can help you achieve that and at the same time give you an enchanting look. Your vacation should be the symbol of beauty and pleasure. Such a high goal cannot come on a silver platter. You can only make an impact if you carry this attire. You can never realize how beautiful you are without wearing one.


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