13 Things You can Wear During Vacation

13. Modern fedora

“I could not have fallen in love with that guy during my last vacation had I not seen him in a modern fedora” These are the exact words of one of the world`s princess. She said that the guy looked incredibly cute and charming. Who doesn`t want such comments from a princess? If you are dying to hear these words right from the horse`s mouth, simply wear a modern fedora during your next vacation. It will surprise you to know that you are one of the cute and romantic man the world ever had. It will be wonderful especially if your girl will come along with you. There is no doubt that she will be proud to be in your company.

These attires are a must have during vacation. I hope you are not considering going without them or your upcoming vacation will add the list of your past boring vacations.

Modern Fedora
This Photo at the courtesy of Thriftyvintagechic


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