13 Things You Must Counter Check Before Leaving For Vacation

You have been planning for that vacation for some time now. However, just before you leave, there are some things you need to counter check otherwise you might not enjoy as much as you ought to. Let us have a look at those things-

1. Your delicates

Travel Packaging with Delicates

If you are headed for vacation, you obviously have a camera, a tablet and probably even a laptop. How have you packed them? You do not want to get to your destination and find that your laptop or camera is broken. If possible, put these things in a smaller bag that you can carry with your hands. That way you know that they are safe and intact. If you have to put them in your suitcase, make sure to use bubble wrap and put them between clothes. This ensures they are well cushioned and will not break even when the bag falls or bumps into something as you pull it along.

2. Pack a few necessities in your hand luggage

Handbag Essentials
This Photo at the courtesy of Heals and Lipstick

Now we all know how many people tend to lose their luggage especially in an airplane mix-up. Carry at least a change of clothe and undergarments in your hand luggage. This way, in case of a mix-up, you can check into a hotel and take a shower, change into some clean clothes and start locating your luggage. Or do you want to wait for your luggage in clothes you probably wore some 23 hours before taking your flight.


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