13 Things You Must Counter Check Before Leaving For Vacation

9. Fill in the name tag

The modern large suitcase with nametag

There is a reason as to why that bay has a name tag. It is very important that you fill it out before leaving your house. If you lose your luggage, or the airline misplaces it, it becomes very easy for people to locate you. Remember, you might be in other country or state and no one here will recognize your blue scarf like your brother or dad does. You probably won’t lose your luggage but just in case, why not be safe?

10. Medication

Travel Medication Kit

Now, if you are on any medication, you must remember to carry it in your hand luggage. Medicine is not like lip flops that you can buy anywhere. Some medications require prescriptions. Always remember to carry your medication lest you fall ill on the way or during the vacation. Same case applies to people with allergies; remember you are going to a place where you probably have no friends or family. If you have sleeping problems or constant headaches, make sure, you buy all the drugs you might need before you actually need them.


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