13 Things You Must Counter Check Before Leaving For Vacation

11. Restrictions on luggage

Luggage at the airport

No matter how much you feel like you need to carry everything, bear in mind airplanes have luggage restrictions. Check up the luggage restrictions before you even start. Then decide what you are taking with you and what needs to be left behind. The restrictions are very strict and you will be forced to reduce your luggage until it is within the restrictions. Instead of going through all these, why not weigh your luggage at home and not risk leaving something you have obviously deemed important.

12. Where are you essentials and documents?

Travel Documents

No matter how much you want to leave, you certainly cannot do that without a passport, or your ticket, or even your money and credit cards. Before you leave the house and head back after a few minutes or hours, please ensure you have all your essentials. Keep your passport within close reach. Make sure you can easily access your money and credit cards for when the need arises. If you are headed to a country that uses a different currency, make sure you have a few shillings in that currency or in dollars.


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