13 Things You Must Counter Check Before Leaving For Vacation

5. Cosmetics


Before you empty your cosmetics drawer, ask yourself whether you really need to. The good things about cosmetics is that you can buy them everywhere in the world. If you are worried, you can goggle and make sure you will find your brand wherever you are going. This will not only save on packing space but also ensure you do not have very heavy luggage. Some cosmetics might even spill and damage your clothes and/ or gadgets. Instead of risking, just buy some after you have arrived. They might even be cheaper over there.

6. Holiday purchases

Holiday Purchases

Before you pack that bag until you have to sit on it to aid in getting it closed, think about all the nice things they sell over there. Think of where you will pack that memento you are definitely going to buy. It is certain that you will come back with more than you left with. Leave enough space to at least pack a couple of clothes and shoes. Also, leave some space for pieces of jewelry you might buy. Instead of buying another suitcase, why not just save some space?


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