8 Things To Do With Your Vacation Photos

It’s pretty rare for any one to NOT have a Smart Phone with High Resolution Camera in their pockets. On vacations, I travel with my husband and fifteen year old daughter who also have cameras strapped around their neck.  This means memory cards and thumb drives galore filled with photos. 4,156 to be exact from a recent trip to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.  But what in the tar can I do with all those pictures?

1.  Get them off your camera

Get the Photos off your Camera or Smart Phone

Whether it is a DSLR or point and shoot or iPhone, the first job is to get them onto a laptop or computer.  This does a couple things.  First off, it is a backup.  If the iPhone gets lost or stolen, the images are gone.  If the DSLR gets left on an airplane, the images are gone. Second off, you can do a whole lot more than swipe your finger across the screen occasionally to remember your trip.

2.  Use the pictures as a slide show on your computer or as the desktop wallpaper

Laptop Notebook Showing Photo Gallery Screen

There’s nothing better then sitting at work and seeing palm trees floating across the screen to get you through the day.  Or the laughing images of your children sliding down the ski slopes.  My desktop background changes with the season.  Right now its a lonely island in the South Pacific (just waiting for me to come back to it).  In a month it will be the ski slope of Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia.

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