7 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

Dominican Republic

Let us start from Los Haitises of the eastern part with its rugged cliffs and swaying palms, we then proceed to Sierra de Bahoruco of the western part with its dusty trailheads and old mineshafts.

Punta Cana

Moving up north we come across the hotspots of Puerto Plata and Cabarete and then down south, the treasures of Santa Domingo.

There are lots to enjoy in the Dominican Republic, especially in Punta Cana where the luxurious resort supplements the powdery white sands glowing by the moonlight.

Then we have the coast of Cibao, as well as the Enriquillo Valley where there are lots of hikes and ridges, before ending our journey at the Armando Bermudez.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas

The Bahamas links the Caribbean to the coastal part of the US, especially Florida, with as much as 470,000 km square of the ocean.

From the 18th century, these sparkling sand bars and cays have been merged by the Commonwealth. The region was made a colony by the British, thereby leaving behind the classic old walls of the Fort Charlotte and the neo-classic looks at the Bahamian Parliament.

And then recently, the affluent trooped into the region, with the luxurious yachts at New Providence and also the paradise of the beachfront at Paradise Island.


Grenada, St George´s
Grenada, St George´s, Looking along the beach at Grand Anse

This is the Spice Isle. Grenada is mostly referred to as the land of vanilla pods and nutmegs that fill the air with their beautiful aroma. At the Grand Anse, you will enjoy the beautiful bays and the bright white sands at the Beach at Morne Rouge.

The location is beautified with numerous waterfalls that run across the rock at the Royal Mount Carmel. The getting to Gouyave, you will get to enjoy the super delicious local fish and then River Antoine which hosts a brewing house.

Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico Caribbean coast along Paseo de la Princesa.

This region is defended by the old colonial forts and the cannon-holding palisade, graced by the likes of Christopher Columbus as well as the pirates at the seas with influence from Spanish and American cultures, Puerto Rico is undoubtedly one of the hotspots of the region.

The capital of San Juan is just the big deal, graced by lots of Baroque churches, the shimmering beautiful beaches at Condado as well as the mighty Castillo fort.

The beautiful Luquillo beaches in the east as well as the deep forests at El Yunque, and then to the south, you will be welcomed by the great tracks at Ponce.

St. Martin

Marigot, St. Martin town skyline
Marigot, St. Martin town skyline in the Caribbean at dusk.

With a division by an international border, the island of St. Martin stays popular with sun seekers and cruise shippers, coupled with the tons of shoppers and gamblers that troop to the shores yearly to catch fun at the Vegas-style casinos in Phillipsburg, Cole Bay and the other parts of Dutch region.

At the same time, at Orient Bay, the sands sparkle against the blue sea in the north and at Mullet Bay, thrilling cocktail joints.

There is also the popular Marigot’s market and the fusion of the French and Dutch cultures.


beach hut, barbados
yellow beach hut on the caribbean, barbados

The beautiful beat of the waves like the rhythmic samba beats at the Brandons Beach and Alleynes Bay is the hotspot of this region. Then the surfs at Bathsheba and the whitecap water at Cattlewash.

The UNESCO-assessed Bridgetown with its harbors decorated with some of the most beautiful luxury yachts in the region.

There are backpackers and millionaire alike, hiking, kicking-back on the stunning terraces, scuba diving the beautiful reefs and then sipping the local rum. Barbados is just one of the most beautiful places to be on earth.


Bermuda Beach

With the famous Bermuda Triangle and its mystery in this region, the location is actually not in the Caribbean at all. It is located at the point where the North Atlantic Sea meets the Caribbean Sea, giving different spices to the lots of island on the list.

With the rugged topography and the rocky wall directly from the ocean bed, the climate in the region is steadily humidified throughout the year.

It also has some similarities to locations in the Caribbean.

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