Best Places to visit in Germany

Located in the heart of Europe and best known for its famous Oktoberfest and World War II history, Germany has some of Europe’s most striking scenery, fairytale castles, and significant historic sites and lively party scenes. If you are planning a trip to Germany, there are tons of diverse, must-see sites to add to your itinerary. Choose any of these top 15 best places to visit in Germany and we assure, you won’t want to say auf wiedersehen when the time comes to leave this stunning country.

  1. Romantic Rhine
Rheinstein Castle at Rhine Valley (Rhine Gorge) in Germany
Rheinstein Castle at Rhine Valley (Rhine Gorge) in Germany. Built in 1316 and rebuilt in 1825-1844.

The Middle Rhine flows through a vivid geographical pattern called the Rhine Gorge, across the cities of Bingen and Bonn, Germany. This area characterizes a brilliant backdrop bestowed with some 40 medieval castles, pictorial villages and terraced vineyards. It features a riverboat cruise which portrays the splendour of the Romantic Rhine at its best, ensuring that you spend exceptional time with your special someone amidst the clear waters and the lush green trees and making it one of the most amazing places to visit in Germany.

2. Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral Germany
Night View Of Cologne Cathedral, Germany. Europe. World Heritage – a Roman Catholic Gothic Cathedral

Situated on the Rhine River in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne is one of the most popular places to visit in Germany. The city features various attractions, like the vivacious nightlife and astrophysical arts and culture scene. Cologne’s most impressive landmark is the Cologne Cathedral, a stunning Gothic church on the banks of the Rhine. One of the largest cathedrals in Europe, its construction began in 1248 and it was undoubtedly the most striving construction project of the middle Ages. Its impressive interiors cover an area of 6,166 square meters, with 56 huge pillars. Above the high altar is the Reliquary of the Three Kings, a 12th-century work of art in gold designed by Nicholas of Verdun to accommodate the remnants of the Three Kings brought here from Milan. You can also enjoy the Treasury with its many precious objects, the view from the South Towers and the 12th- and 13th-century tainted glass in the Three Kings in this astounding city.

3. Neuschwanstein castle

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle shrouded in mist in the Bavarian Alps of Germany.

The Neuschwanstein Castle, is also one of the most popular places in Germany. Situated between the astounding Bavarian Alps near the town of Fussen, this fairy-tale castle was in reality, the insight behind Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Not only is the Neuschwanstein Castle one of Europe’s most famous royal castles, but it is also one of the most photographed palaces of Germany. King Ludwig II of Bavaria built this citadel – the insight for Walt Disney’s prominent theme park castles. A variety of tour options are offered, making your experience much more memorable.

4. The Flower Island of Lake Constance : Insel Mainau

Lake Constance Germany
Germany, Lake Constance, Aerial view, Immenstaad, Hythe and marina

Insel Mainau is a stunning Flower Island on the beautiful Lake Constance, covering an area of 110 acres. Its natural scenic beauty makes it one of the most famous landmarks of Germany. You can access the island using a boat, or via a pedestrian bridge connecting it to the mainland, which in turn leads to a little extra travel time being added to the number of hours needed to properly travel around this spectacular island. The island, with its beautiful parks and gardens with semitropical and tropical vegetation, attracts many visitors every year.

5. The Royal Brewery in Munich, Hofbräuhaus

Banqueting Hall Wing Facade
Banqueting Hall Wing Facade (Festsaalbau) at Munich Residenz – Munich, Bavaria, Germany

It is a known fact that Germany takes beer brewing extremely seriously. Hofbräuhaus, the royal brewery in Munich was founded in 1589. It is one of the country’s most famous places to enjoy a pint. The adjective royal is associated with the brewery because it was founded by the Duke of Bavaria. Hofbräuhaus serves a wide range of brew, from hoppy maibock beer to Oktoberfest lagers. A watering hole with history, it’s educational and good fun. Make sure you take a Brotzeit plate of cold meats and cheese in addition to the booze. Its old yet fun vibe makes it a rather best destination in Germany to sit back and relax after a long, tiring day spent roaming around the society during the day.

6. Dresden’s art galleries

Frauenkirche Church Germany
Old Beautiful houses around the Frauenkirche Church Germany

For all you art lovers out there, Dresden is the best place to visit in Germany. The capital of the federal state of Saxony, Dresden offers a number of historic sites like the stunning Frauenkirche cathedral. Dresden was known as the Jewel Box of Germany because of its prolific compilation of astonishing art and architecture. It is a great place to explore and admire German art, without the queues and crowds, since it is not commonly known for its art galleries. Previously owned by Germany’s 16th century aristocrats, The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, or Dresden art collections, today holds invaluable pieces from all over Europe. The collections are stretch across a number of galleries in Dresden, some of the famous art galleries are the New Masters Gallery, the Royal Place and the Museum of Decorative Arts. It is noteworthy that Dresden was severely damaged from World War II bombings, but still after many years, the city has restored its former glory.

7. Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin

The Berlin State Opera
The Berlin State Opera at Dawn

The Philharmonic Orchestra is the diamond in the crown of the city that is Berlin. Considered one of the best in the world, this orchestra in Berlin makes the city all the more a best place in Germany. Once the home to famous composers including Beethoven and Wagner, it’s no surprise that musical traditions thrive and there is no better place to sample the delightful sounds of classical and contemporary German music than in Berlin’s opera house. You can take a private tour of the world-class concert halls, but as this is a popular must-see, it is recommended that you book early to avoid dissatisfaction.

8. Rugen Island

Rugia Island
Rugia Island, Germany

Located in the Baltic Sea, Rugen Island is the largest island in Germany, connected to the mainland via the Rugen Bridge and Rugen Causeway. The main attraction of the island is the Jasmund National Park, renowned for its inimitable chalk cliffs rising 528 feet (161 meters) over the sea. In addition to the park, the island’s enthralling villas, romantic resorts by the seaside and beautiful beaches all attract and lure tourists from around the world to Rugen Island, thereby making it one of the most beautiful place in Germany.

9. Bamberg and the Bürgerstadt

Old Town Hall of Bamberg
The Famous Old Town Hall of Bamberg

Bamberg, the old imperial city and the most important town in Upper Franconia, situated in the valley of the Regnitz where the river divides into two arms, is one of the best towns of the many charming old towns in Germany. Its old episcopal quarter is home to the 13th-century cathedral and the old Benedictine abbey of Michaelsberg.

Bürgerstadt, on the other hand is a spectacular market colony situated between the two river branches of Bamberg that contains the Grüner Markt, an exceptional pedestrian zone that’s home to the 17th-century Baroque church of St. Martin and, to the north, the New Town Hall, or Neues Rathaus, built in 1736. However, the town’s most important structure, is probably the Old Town Hall, built on top of the Obere Brücke (Upper Bridge). You simply cannot miss one of best place in Germany to visit.

10. Sanssouci Park and Palace, Potsdam

Sanssouci Palace
Aerial view of Charlottenburg Palace in Potsdam

Constructed between 1744 and 1756, the stunning Sanssouci Park, is considered the most renowned architecture of Potsdam Rococo. The park portrays the brilliance and the personal influence of Frederick the Great, including a lovely Baroque flower garden, with more than 3,000 fruit trees, and several greenhouses. Strolling around this huge park, you can very easily forget all your worries and tensions, making it one of the best places to visit in Germany. With its perfect lawns and gorgeous gardens, this place is picture perfect. A number of park buildings are definitely worth exploring, but you can simply not miss the Picture Gallery with its numerous works of art; the exquisite Chinese House, an extremely elaborate garden pavilion; and the magnificent Roman Baths complex. The Palace is a single-story building with an elliptical dome in the centre and a circular room at each end. Its large oval Marble Hall and sumptuous apartments stand out spectacularly.

11. Stadel Museum, Frankfurt

Frankfurt Germany
Frankfurt am Main skyline on sunset, Germany

The Stadel Museum in Frankfurt is a gorgeous mix of classical European art and architecture, showcasing more than 700 years of artwork all under one roof. The museum celebrated its 200th birthday in 2015 organising a year of special events, including talks about their permanent exhibtions and music performances. It’s also quite possibly the only museum in Europe to have a beer garden, the perfect spot to refresh after a morning of masterpiece appreciation, making it one of the places to visit on Germany.

12. Düsseldorf Altstadt

Altstadt Germany
Beautiful view of famous Hamburg town hall with Hygieia fountain from courtyard near market square and lake Binnenalster in Altstadt quarter, Hamburg, Germany

The Altstadt (Old Town) region in Düsseldorf houses awesome bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It is one of places to visit when in Germany to try the region’s famous alt beer, a type of dark ale, brewed in many local, traditional German breweries around the city. One of the most prominent breweries is Uerige which employs Düsseldorf’s only beer sommelier. stroll along the Rhein River, after visiting a brewery. Do grab a plate of Rheinischer Sauerbraten (marinated beef with raisins) in one of the waterfront restaurants, for it will be a party for your taste-buds.

13. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Munich
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany. Waiter with traditional costume holding beers, crowded tent interior background

I can bet that there is not a single soul who would not want to go to a beer festival. Yeah! Yor read that right. One of Germany’s most famous festivals, Munich’s annual Oktoberfest beer festival – begining in September – is a celebration of one of Germany’s most successful exports, making Munich one of the best destination in Germany. From weiss wheat beers to alt dark ales, you’ll be able to sample any type of tipple that takes your fancy. Tourists travel here from all over the world to raise a glass and get merry; which is why you should book early so that you can enjoy to the fullest.

14. The Wall, Berlin

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Ank Kumar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The wall, a famous stone structure that divided a city, representing a divided nation in Berlin is an iconic historical monument. It is a place with utmost historic importance, and one of the best places to visit in Germany. Constructed by Germany’s leading communist powers, the Wall today literally is in ruins after being torn down by Berliners in 1989. Tour what remains and see the murals that local artists have painted on its crumbling brickwork. A solemn token of the city’s tumultuous past, it has now been transformed into an outdoor gallery. No visit to Germany could be complete without seeing the wall.

15. The Black Forest

Black Forest Germany
Black Forest Germany

With its dark, densely-wooded hills, the beautiful Black Forest is one of the most visited upland regions in Europe. For all you hiking lovers out there, the Black Forest is definitely one of the best places to visit in Germany. Located in the south-western corner of Germany and stretching 160 kilometres from Pforzheim in the north to Waldshut on the High Rhine in the south, this place has been best described as a hiker’s heaven. On the west side, it descends steeply to the Rhine crossed by flourishing valleys, while on the east it slopes more smoothly down to the upper Neckar and Danube valleys. Popular spots include Germany’s oldest ski area at Todtnau, the splendid spa facilities of Baden-Baden, and the gorgeous resort of Bad Liebenzell. Other tourist attractions include the brilliant Black Forest Railway centred on Triberg with its prominent falls, and Triberg itself, housing the Black Forest Open Air Museum.

History, culture, and natural beauty most appropriately describe the quintessence of holidaying in Germany. Visitors are guaranteed to fall in love with this place, with its historic cities and small towns, coupled with a profusion of forests and mountains. Those looking to engage in frivolous activities should visit places such as the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, or the Mosel Valley while those wanting to sightsee or experience the arts should head to the metropolitan areas. Exquisite old cathedrals and majestic palaces are all over the place, and in the smaller towns and villages, many centuries-old traditions continue.

So what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and visit Germany and we assure you that you will want to go there again and again.

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