Things to do in Venice

There are countless number of things to do in Venice and I believe no list could do real justice but here are some of the things that must be experienced if you want to be immersed in the Venetian life. Below is a list of things to do in Venice.

Gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs

Venice canals
Venice, Italy canals and bridges at twilight.

Sure, a gondola ride along the Grand Canal with your beloved is romantic but nothing is more symbolically romantic than a gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset. There is a myth that if lovers share a kiss under the bridge at sunset, they would be granted a blissful and everlasting relationship. But it hasn’t been christened the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ for that reason. The bridge was known to have prisoners escorted from their court to their cells via the bridge in the nineteenth century. It was on the bridge that the prisoners had their last glimpse of the outside world before their imprisonment. Talk about irony…

Visit the Basilica of San Marco

Church on San Marco square
Church and Zodiac clock on San Marco square in Venice

The Basilica of San Marco, also known as the ‘Church of Gold’, got its moniker for the fact that the mosaics that towers the interior are painted in glitzy gold and it houses a massive collection of rare artifacts made of silver and gold which showcases the wealth of the Venetian during her period of zenith. You will never see anything more solemn as well as glitzy anywhere on earth.

Appreciating Art

Architecture and landmark of Venice. Cozy cityscape of Venice
Architecture and landmark of Venice. Cozy cityscape of Venice

Ever wanted to meet the biggest celebrities in the world or watch the latest critically acclaimed films to hit the big screen at the Cannes Film Festival. Or see some of the finest pieces of artwork in history by masters such as Canaletto. Or even be entranced by classical orchestral music by the likes of the world-renowned Venice Baroque Orchestra. The arts is an ever thriving entity in Venice and is available in every nook and cranny of the city all year round.

Mask yourself and don the most outrageous costume of your life

Carnival Costume
Futuristic carnival costumes

During the Carnevale, the Venetian people walk the streets and alleyways, donning masks and costumes of dazzling and dramatic flair. They attend parties everywhere, literally, in houses, alleyways, beside the canals, etc. The occasion marks the Venetian people’s perception of freedom and loosening up in a play of good-willed eccentricity. When strangers become friends and individuality and identity is put aside. Immerse yourself by wearing a mask and putting on a costume that would make the likes of Lady Gaga proud and walk down the street with the thousands strong. Let yourself go in the midst of the enigma and fun. Who knows, you might unknowing bump into Prime Minister himself.

Just keep walking

piazza san marco in venice
The famous piazza san marco in venice at night

To really enjoy Venice, you must travel deep into the city and you might just find gems that are not only marvels to behold but value for your money too. Wandering around, you would probably end up at the doorstep of Palazzo Malipiero where a 15 year old Giacomo Casanova once lived and began honing his famed skills for passionate lovemaking or even savor the taste of Venetian cuisine with an ice cold beer at a low cost in the Taverna del Campiello Remer. There is certainly more to Venice than meets the eye.

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