Beginner’s Guide to Barcelona

Beaches, parks, architecture, and flamenco are all wrapped up into one breath-taking city. Barcelona is one of those places that you need multiple days to fully see all of the highlights and to only begin to delve nooks and crannies of.

Barcelona Cityscape Overlook
Barcelona cityscape overlook from Park Guell

I spent three days there and barely scratched the surface. As a city that is located on the beach and is pretty close to the Mountains of Montserrat, there is a ton to do! Not to mention all of the history and architectural wonders to explore.

Cathedral in Barcelona


  • The language spoken in Barcelona is Catalan though most everyone also speaks Spanish
  • Antoni Gaudi played a huge role in the city’s architecture scene
  • The 1992 summer Olympics were held in Barcelona and many of the sites used are still attractions or venues used today
  • Barcelona is considered one of the best beach cities in the world, although it’s beaches were artificially made.
  • Barcelona was almost home to the Eiffel Tower but was rejected for being “too radical”
  • It’s home to the largest soccer stadium in Europe
  • About 10% of Barcelona consists of parks, 68 to be exact. And they’re beautiful!

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