Top 10 Things to do in Moscow

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the place to explore Russian culture, history, cuisine, architecture and religion. Unsure where to find all these things? Read on…

Visit St Basil’s Cathedral

st Basil cathedral in Moscow. Russia.
st.Basil cathedral on blue sky background

The iconic St Basil’s Cathedral is possibly the best known sight in Moscow thanks to the candy coloured spirals and unique design. You can even go inside the cathedral and attend one of the regular services.

Take a walk inside the Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin
Moscow Kremlin

The imposing red walls that surround the Kremlin protect some of the most amazing cathedrals in Moscow. You will see huge golden domes, canons, bells and the Armoury Chamber where exquisite clothing, jewellery and weapons from the times of the tsars.

Wander around the Red Square

Red Square, Moscow Kremlin at sunset. Moscow, Russia
Red Square, Moscow Kremlin at sunset. Moscow Russia

The Red Square must be visited during the day and night to see it in all its sparkling glory. Wander around the walls of the Kremlin, visit the beautiful Kazan Cathedral and Historical Museum and you can even enter Lenin’s tomb to see his preserved remains.

Explore Christ the Saviour Cathedral

Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the Evening, Russia, Moscow
Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the Evening, Russia, Moscow

Believe it or not, this beautiful cathedral is even more stunning on the inside then it is on the out. Simply breath-taking is the only word. You’ll be dazzled by golden gems, amazing artwork and a spiritual atmosphere that will make you want to stay all day.

Shop in GUM shopping Centre

Gum Shopping Centre
Gum Shopping Centre Decorated for Spring in Moscow

GUM, Moscow’s huge state department store, was built during soviet times and once housed only basic goods that were allowed by the government. Thankfully, it is now home to a multitude of stores where you can shop till you drop.

Taste the local cuisine

Traditional Russian dishes, sweets and vodka
Traditional Russian food. Borscht, pelmeni, vinaigrette sauerkraut vodka and sweets

No trip to Russia would be complete without trying local specialities like borscht (beetroot and beef soup), chicken Kiev’s, pancakes and virtually anything served with potatoes. Don’t forget the local drinks such as Russian vodka and local beers.

Ride the Moscow Metro

Metro in Moscow
Metro Station in Moscow, Russia

The metro in Moscow has to be one of the most ornate and beautiful in the world. Ride around from station to station and marvel at the grand architecture, chandeliers, intricate mosaics, paintings and grand statues that welcome you at the entrance.

Walk through the gardens

Russian Garden Path
Russian Garden Path

If you visit Moscow during in the summer then the many gardens and parks are a great place to relax and enjoy the views of historical statues and brightly coloured flower beds. Head to Sculpture Park to soak up some culture or Gorky Park for some theme park attractions.

Ride to the top of the TV Tower

Moscow Skyline with TV Tower at Sunrise
Moscow skyline with TV Tower at spring sunrise

The Ostankino Tower, more commonly known as the TV Tower, was once the tallest freestanding tower in Europe, standing at 540.1 metres. It’s now the 4th tallest building and offers the best views over the whole of Moscow.

Stroll down Arbat Street

Arbat Street Moscow
Brace dance crew on Arbat Street, Moscow, Russia

The pedestrianized area of Arbat Street is the perfect place to meander while picking up some souvenirs and soaking up the atmosphere. In the summer months you will find buskers, street performers and artists and in the snowy winter months you’ll see art sculptures and find plenty of cafes where you can warm up.

Arbat Street in Moscow at Night
Arbat Street in Moscow at Night, Russia

Is there anything else that you think is a must-see in Moscow?


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