13 Weirdest Hotels You Can Stay For Fun During Your Vacation

5. The Liberty Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

Liberty Hotel

This hotel features a luxury property that was initially referred as the Charles Street jail. It is one of the hotels, which is proud of its past achievements. On the other hand it lives the present and it is not defined by its past. It is located at the central part of Botson. The service offered is outstanding and it is not just a thing you can find anywhere. Word has it that it has 298 guest rooms. That means they are limited but worth your effort. You cannot afford to miss such luxury.

6. Beckham creek cave lodge, Parthenon Arkansas

Beckham Cave Hotel
This Photo at the Courtesy of Beckham Cave Hotel

What of being welcomed in a bedroom of renovated cave. Sounds interesting…, Doesn`t it? During your vacation, simply purpose to visit Beckham creek cave lodge, Parthenon Arkansas . This classic yet weird hotel has cavernous ceiling. The walls are made of rock plus the heart of the main room has a natural waterfall. This hotel keeps you close to nature and showers you with comfort beyond your expectations. You are guaranteed amazing movie acoustics on TV.


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