13 Weirdest Hotels You Can Stay For Fun During Your Vacation

7. The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court, Bisbee, Arizona

The Shady Dell Vintage Trailers
Shady Dell vintage trailers by Richard Bonnett is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you have ever dreamt of experiencing the 1950s without chain smoking, the shady Dell is the place to make your dream a reality. The décor exceeds people`s expectation. Not to mention the Vintage radios that always play “era-right radio programs” Their magazines are multiple decades old plus the televisions broadcast using two colors only. This sounds odd but not until you try this hotel a try.

8. Kokopelli`s cave Bed and Breakfast, Farmington, New Mexico

This Photo at the Courtesy of Kokos cave

Being asked to go out for a vacation and much more to pay for the cave is quite ridiculous. If that is what you think visit Kokopelli`s cave one of these days and you will know America knows how to provide packages of beauty. In fact, visitors stay in a carpeted and entirely furnished room, which is 21 meters beneath the surface. To be precise this cave exceeds the definition of a classic hotel.


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