10 Things You Should Not Miss in The Cook Islands

9  Drive the Inner Road

Drive the Inner Road

Built in the 11th century, the Ara Metua road deserves a little respect.

Get a map and pay attention to where there is a cut-off that goes in land and then follow until it takes you back to the main road.  While it doesn’t go all the way around the island, you have to get off and one a couple times, it is a fun excursion off the beaten path and you will see more of the local life rather than the touristy sections. Oh, and most roads are not marked and tend to look like driveways, but don’t let that stop you.  Locals are very forgiving.

10  Take A Picture of Everything

Take a Picture of Everything

Pick times of the day, early morning or late evening, to just drive somewhere for the sole purpose of taking a picture. The Islanders we ran into had no problem having their photo taken. During the Easter Weekend, we ended up at a fish catching opportunity.  In the US, someone would have looked at us funny (not to mention accusingly) as we snapped away.  Here, in the Cooks, they gladly held up their prize catch for us to burn into digital history. It took a long time to get here; make the most of your memories and go out, on purpose, to take pictures.


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