27 of the Best Cheap Travel Destinations

3. Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico
Beautiful church known as Our Lady of Remedies in Puebla, Cholula, Mexico

Here is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous for its Baroque architecture, locals say that there are 365 Churches in here. Do come back and let me know the truth. Embark on a walking tour to treat your eyes with its beautiful architecture and colonial buildings. From the colourful houses lining the streets to the world famous Talavera pottery, Puebla is sort of a hidden gem. Spice up your life with mole poblano. Visit the Candy Street, African Safari and Cholula while in Puebla.

4. Krabi, Thailand

Krabi Beach
Tropical holidays beach vacation in Thailand tourism concept – Pranang beach on sunset. Railay , Krabi Province Thailand

There are very few places which beckon you to come back again. Krabi is one of them. Using the word exotic while describing a beach destination can get overrated and sometimes underrated. Krabi is one such destination where the word exotic truly fits it. The four island trip (Phra Nang Cave, Poda, Koh Gai or Chicken Island, and Tup Island) and Phi Phi Island Trip will leave you in awe. The flavourful locale down the Aong Nang beach area serves up a hearty dose of international cuisine and some fresh mouth watering sea food. So if you suffer from Krabi craving syndrome, don’t worry your health is fine. All you need to do is to pack your bag and get going.


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