27 of the Best Cheap Travel Destinations for 2019

13. Xian, China

Xian city wall and ancient tower at night, color toned picture, China.

The historical and cultural distinctive features have penetrated trough Xian’s past and is very prominent in the present day also. One of the most famous vacation places in China, it is also deemed as the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Xian, China landed in Samantha Brown’s list of cheapest places to visit in 2018 and its still holds its position firmly in my list in 2019 too. Visit the world’s oldest civilizations if not for anything else but for the best cuisine in the world.

14. Alsace, France

Colmar, Petit Venice, street, lamp and traditional half timbered colorful houses. Alsace, France.

Bonjour Ladies and gentleman. Welcome to Alsace, where you will find a riot of colours in every nook and corners. The half timbered houses with steeped roofs are beaming with colours as per the tradition in the past; though the reason has obviously changed for good. Sitting blissfully at the Vosges Mountains, this region makes some finest wines in the entire world. Let’s raise a toast to this picturesque city of France and bask in the glory of all the things it has to offer.


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