27 of the Best Cheap Travel Destinations for 2019

17. Yerevan, Armenia

Beautiful landscape with green mountains and magnificent cloudy sky in sunset. Exploring Armenia

Yerevan is a hidden gem that you should certainly explore. The capital of Armenia is a bag full of surprises. The old and new perfectly co-exist in this picturesque landscape. Ladas and Mercs, simple teahouses and stylish European bars, street fashion to couture, everything has its place of its own. This shining city with its positive attitude is sure to make you feel at home within minutes.

18. Budapest, Hungary

Szechenyi chain bridge and Parliament building at twilight. Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest has a strange appeal of its own. The city is beautiful, affordable, full of cultural and historical sites, thermal baths, lively nightlife and two more things that should be considered by default i.e. food and shopping


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  5. Abedin
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  6. Medhat Elsherbini
  7. Joe Carl
  8. Neelam Motghare
  9. Roby sabry
  10. Samer
  11. Krishna das ( lullu )
  12. Ivan Fernandez
  13. P Sudhakar
  14. Utah
  15. Mohsen Haerifard
  16. Adnan

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