Top Five Places to Visit In and Around Bali

Sunset at the Coral Beach
Sunset over Bali as seen from Gili island

The Gili’s also had the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. The west side of Gili T on the sunset beach even had swings in the ocean, which was super cool and provided a great photo op.

There are so many other places to visit in Bali and I would really like to go back to explore the rest of the island, perhaps the north. I’d also love to hop over to Lombok and climb the stunning Mount Rinjani.

I spent 3 weeks in Bali and the Gili’s. I didn’t rush my time here so you could easily do everything I did in two weeks. Bali is an incredible place and there is so much to see and do, whether you’re a yogi, a fitness freak, or a beach bum. Bali is not a place to miss out on on any trip to South East Asia.


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